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Breeding Strategies for Mares Inseminated with Frozen Semen

Anti-sperm Antibodies: A Possible Source of Subfertility in Stallions

The Immunology of Endometritis, and the use of Immunomodulators to Improve Pregnancy Success

Management of Twins in the Mare

Care and Vaccination of the Pregnant Mare

The Sperm Mitochondrion: Organelle of Many Functions

Use of Ultrasonography for Pregnancy Diagnosis in the Horse

Genetic Preservation in Mares Utilizing TVA and ICSI

Establishing a Foal’s Healthy Gut Microbiome

Breeding Soundness Exam of the Mare

Intrafollicular Oocyte Transfer in the Mare

A Brief Overview of the Equine Oviduct

Flow Cytometry - A Method for Evaluating Stallion Sperm

Fertility of Equine Frozen-Thawed Semen Stored Cooled After Thawing

High Prevalence of Latent Endometritis in Problem Mares: Effect of Activation and Treatment on Fertility

Unexplained Subfertility in Broodmares

Progesterone Therapy for Pregnant Mares-Part 2: Common Questions

Progesterone Therapy for Broodmares: Part 1

The Equine Gut Microbiome

Endocrine Diagnosis of Infertility in the Stallion

Measuring Hormone Levels in Mares

Methods to Obtain the Concentration of Sperm in a Stallion Ejaculate

Care of the Newborn Foal

Management of Late Gestation Pregnancy Loss in the Mare

The Major Causes of Damage to Sperm During Freezing…water and salts and ice, oh my!

Trends in Equine Assisted Reproduction

Shuttle Stallions - Frozen Semen to the Rescue

Equine Seminal Plasma: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Analysis of Frozen-Thawed Equine Semen

Is the Volume of the Inseminate Important for Fertility?

Equine Embryo Biopsy

Oxytocin Use in the Mare

Ways to Determine Equine Fetal Gender

Suppression of Stallion and Mare Behavior

Breeding for Color

Contract Considerations for Exporting Equine Frozen Semen

Ground Collection of the Stallion

Collecting a Fractionated Stallion Ejaculate

Recent Updates on Freezing Equine Embryos

How to Manage the 'Slow' Stallion in the Breeding Shed

What Can Cause a Mare to Lose Her Pregnancy?

Should Frozen-Thawed Semen Be Diluted Prior to Insemination?

Can Genetics Turn the Art of Stallion Selection into a Science?

Influence of Mare Status When Breeding with Frozen Semen

Embryo Transfer and Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare the Older Mare for Breeding Season

Chemical Ejaculation of the Stallion

The Test Freeze - The First Freeze Performed on a Stallion's Semen

A Stallion Breeding Soundness Exam

My Stallion is Not Settling His Mares...What Do I Do? - Part 2

My Stallion is Not Settling His Mares...What Do I Do? - Part 1

Declining Fertility in the Aged Stallion

Why Colostrum Transfer is Critical to a Foal's First Weeks of Life

Biofilms in Mare Reproduction

Cryopreservation of Equine Embryos

Ovum Pickup in the Mare

Effect of Number and Timing of Equine Frozen Semen Inseminations on Fertility

Quality Control is at the Core of the SBS Difference

Test Breeding Mares as an Aid to Marketing Equine Frozen Semen

Heat Stress and Equine Reproduction

Why Freeze Stallion Semen?

Sperm Accumulation in the Stallion

Retained Placenta in the Mare

Splitting Doses of Frozen Semen

Placentitis in the Mare - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Short Cycling a Mare?

Foal Diarrhea - Avoiding it Altogether

Harvesting and Freezing Equine Epididymal Sperm

The Pros and Cons of Equine Frozen Semen

What Is Progressive Motility?

What Exactly is a Dose of Frozen Semen?

Understanding Your Frozen Semen Shipment Transaction Report

Processing Equine Semen for Cooled Transport

It Only Takes One...... Right?

Parturition in the Mare

Progesterone and Estrogen Therapy (P&E)

How to Find a Good Equine Reproduction Veterinarian

Hastening the Onset of the Breeding Season

The Economics of Cooled and Frozen Semen

My Mare is Not Pregnant - What Now?

A Review of Reports for Reproductive Efficiency

Measuring Reproductive Efficiency

Not All Frozen Semen is Created Equally

Should the US Adopt Stricter Controls on Cooled and Frozen Semen Production Facilities?

Breeding Mares on Foal Heat

Preparing Your Mare For Breeding

Frozen Semen Contract Considerations For Stallion Owners

The Pros and Cons of 1 or 2 Dose Insemination Protocols

Frozen Semen - Sell by the Dose or as a Breeding?

The Hidden Value of Frozen Semen

Three Ways Stallion Owners Can Prevent Unapproved Use of Frozen Semen

The Facts About Frozen Semen and Post Breeding Uterine Fluid

Questions Mare Owners Should Ask Before Breeding With Frozen Semen

Stallion Owner Instructions for the Stallion Guide

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