Download Your FREE Frozen Semen Contract Guide and Templates

For more than 30 years Select Breeders Service has led the way towards the responsible development of the equine frozen semen industry. Stallion and mare owners share a common goal to produce quality, healthy foals in the most efficient way possible. However, all too often a bad contract leads to misunderstandings, costly mistakes, legal battles and ruined relationships between stallion owners and breeders.

Simply adapting an existing fresh or cooled semen contract for use with frozen semen will not do. There are many unique elements that must not be overlooked when formulating a contract for frozen semen. Understand your options and benefit from our experience.

Our FREE GUIDE includes TEMPLATES for both selling frozen semen by the dose AND for frozen semen breeding agreements.

  • Stallion Owners -use this guide and template to help you construct your frozen semen contracts
  • Mare Owners - be prepared and know what to look for when evaluating breeding contracts

With Select Breeders Services you get frozen semen services and technology you can count on to be                Safe, Simple, Sure.