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Contract Considerations for Exporting Equine Frozen Semen

September 13, 2016

The tests have been done and the frozen semen is ready for export…Now what? In our article, Exporting Frozen Semen from the United States, we covered topics ranging from determining if there is a foreign market for your stallion, to how to export the semen once it’s been frozen. Stallion owners/agents also need to consider how they are going to offer the frozen semen to a foreign market in the form of their breeding contract. In this article, we will discuss ways to sell the semen (by the dose or with a live foal guarantee), responsibility of shipping fees, what is to be done with leftover doses as well as who covers the costs of health testing and freezing, plus more.

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Frozen Semen Contract Considerations For Stallion Owners

February 15, 2012

Breeding season is upon us and hopefully the phone has been ringing off the hook with mare owners interested in breeding to your stallion. Now is a great time to review and update your frozen semen contracts. We are here to make it easier for you! We have prepared contract templates for either selling frozen semen by the dose or for a frozen semen breeding agreement, both templates are accompanied by detailed notes you can refer to for guidance when formulating your own agreements.

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Frozen Semen - Sell by the Dose or as a Breeding?

October 25, 2011

For some breeds of horses, the most popular choice for marketing frozen semen is to sell by the dose. The mare owner pays in advance for each dose of semen and typically there is no live foal guarantee.This is often the case for imported frozen semen from Warmblood sport horse stallions standing in Europe. However, other breeds use their frozen semen as part of a breeding contract with a life foal guarantee. Much of the Standardbred and Quarter Horse semen we export to Europe and Australia is sold in this manner. At Select Breeders we feel the risk associated with breeding horses, by any means, should be shared by both the stallion and mare owner. Therefore our recommendation has always been to sell frozen semen with a guaranteed contract. We review the pros and cons of both options below and welcome your comments and discussion.

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Three Ways Stallion Owners Can Prevent Unapproved Use of Frozen Semen

August 29, 2011

As breeding season is coming to a close, many of you may be wondering what you should do about unused doses of frozen semen that remain in the possession of your mare owners and what you should do with returned semen. Stallion owners often express concern that if frozen semen is sold as part of a breeding contract, unused doses of semen remaining after the original mare becomes pregnant may be sold to a 3rd party or used to inseminate another mare without payment of any additional stud fees. But, if frozen semen is returned, how can you know if the semen quality has been compromised and what should you do with it? Here we offer some advice on how to minimize the amount of unused frozen semen that is outstanding at the end of the breeding season and how to handle the fate of this frozen semen in your breeding contracts and if it gets returned.

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